• What are wax melts?
    Quite simply, a scented piece of wax with no wick!  To use you will need a wax melter (tea light or electric).
  • What are they made from?
    The wax is a natural soy along with fragrance and dye plus biodegradeable glitter.
  • How long will they last?
    Each scent will be different.  Some will last for a few days/tea lights.  Others may be more subtle and need replacing sooner.
  • How do I order?
    Simply place your order through the website.  You can pay via card payment or through PayPal.
  • How long does delivery take?
    Depending on your choice of delivery (1st or 2nd class), and also if there are any delays with Royal Mail - your order should be with you within 5 working days from dispatch
  • What scents do you offer?
    Take a look on the scent list to get a full description of each scent on offer!  
  • Can I pick up if I live local?
    Yes! Just select 'Collect' on the delivery page.
  • Are you fully compliant and insured?
    Yes! We have worked hard to make sure our customers and our company are protected.
  • Will you be offering other products in the future?
    100% yes.  Keep you eyes on our social media pages for more the latest information.


Safety Tips & Information

To ensure you get the maximum results from your wax melts whilst maintaining safety at all times please follow these simple but effective user instructions.

Please be mindful when choosing your wax burner to use Wax By B. wax melts.
There are lot's of options out there, please read the instructions and follow the guidelines carefully.

Please never leave your wax melt unattended.

If using our wax hearts, one is plenty.  Never over fill your wax burner, if you find your scent has disappeared, safely remove the wax and replace.

The strength of scent will vary from each fragrance.  We recommend keeping doors and windows closed when burning in one room to get the maximum effect.  When you feel it's time for a change, let the wax cool and gently pop the wax out.  Another option is to place a cotton wool ball into your dish and allow the ball to soak up the wax.  Check out the videos on facebook to see how it is done.

Please make sure you never use a sharp object to dig out the wax.  You can damage your burner, or worse!
Our melts look delicious - please keep in mind they are not edible and make sure these are always out of reach from children and pets.

On the back of every melt packet, you will find a label with the ingredients listed along with out contact details.  This is to be done by law - we have worked hard to make sure we are compliant, if you have any questions about this, please do ask.

These instructions and tips will be here to stay - you may not find them along with your product so please refer back to the website if you have any queries.


π—£π—’π—¦π—§π—”π—Ÿ 𝗒π—₯π——π—˜π—₯𝗦 
All orders are posted within 2-3 working days.  Please allow any additional time for your order to arrive depending on Royal Mail/Courier.

During busier periods, please allow an additional 2-3 working days for your order to be dispatched/ready for collection.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

We aim to have all of your orders ready for collection within 24-48 hours.
During busier periods, please allow an additional 2-3 working days for your order to be dispatched/ready for collection. 
You will receive an email when your order is ready, collection will be from the shop during opening hours.


Returns And Refunds Policy

Our number 1 priority here at Wax By B. is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  Which means we stand by our product 100%.  If you have a problem with any of your orders, we will resolve this no matter what.  We want you to be happy and returning customer, so no matter what it is we are always happy to help.
Contact us either through the form on the website, one of our social media pages or email - [email protected]

Please see our full terms here: Terms and Conditions