Welcome Home to Luxury Fragrance

Wax By B. began in 2019 and is now on a mission to bring luxury home fragrance to homes all across the UK.

We are passionate not just about creating quality products but are proud to offer unique products and scents that will fill your home with a touch of luxury.

Take your time to browse through our 50 signature scents, developed with you in mind.


'Just received my beautiful package in the post all the way to Sydney! Thank you so much. I could smell the wax before I had even opened the package. Each one has such an amazing scent. I have just tried B. Fierce and I love it! Not only is the scent unreal but the colour also gives it the full package. I can’t wait to try the rest. They are better then any I can find here in Sydney.'


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'Would highly recommend these waxes. Each one has such a different scent depending on what kind of a mood you're in and leaves our house smelling amazing. B. Fresh is still our favourite as, even with two small boys, the house actually smells clean! We will definitely be ordering the next sample box. '