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Wax Melts

Buy wax melts online or in store at Wax by B.

Our constantly expanding collection is sure to have a scent that’s perfect for you. Some scents pack a punch whilst others subtly sweep through your home or workplace. Whether you prefer floral scents, musky, sweet or fresh, each melt tells a story of it’s own, ready to fill your home. 

Our wax melts are made from a unique blend of natural waxes, along with vegan oils and biodegradable glitters.

Please be aware we sometimes use Rapeseed & Coconut wax for our products, therefore, if you have a Coconut allergy, we would recommend not buying our products. We can however, create a range for you, using a Soy wax, so please get in touch if you require this option.


We do our best to bear our planet in mind and choose biodegradeable or re-useable/recyclable packaging wherever possible.


Choose from:​

  • Our popular 'tin of hearts' - a fantastic gift option

  • A B.Bar - a single 55g snap bar of your choice

  • A bag of brittle - 100g of wax, snapped up and ready to go straight in to your burner

  • Scoopy heart bags - 100g of wax that look stunning on display!

  • Alternatively, you can sign up for our Subscription Boxes and get some wax melt goodies, direct to your door every month!


Every option is perfect for melting in one of our wax burners... our fragrances will fill your room within minutes!

You really are spoilt for choice!

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