Wax By B.
The Story...so far!

Wax By B. was originally started by my lovely friend Bryony. Hence the name… ‘Wax By B.’

In 2019, she turned her hobby into a successful business and worked hard to create a stunning brand of Luxury Home Fragrance, specialising in Wax Melts.

In September 2021, Bryony was ready for a change and decided upon heading back to her roots of the Travel Industry. An industry she enjoys with passsion, and so made the hard decision to sell her business.

When I heard how Bryony was felling about the changes, I made it clear to her how much I would love to take over the business due to my own passion for home fragrance. I was Wax By B’s biggest fan (and customer!) and loved the scents and products. So after numerous chats together, we struck a deal and on 1st December 2021, I became the new owner of Wax By B.

My name is Tania Withers and I am a waxaholic!

The most asked question is answered: NO! I am not changing the name to Wax By T. lol. I truly love every element that Bryony has created, and the name of the business is the centre point of the brand. So its 100% staying for all the right reasons.

I already run 3 sucessful Beauty Businesses within Plymouth. Starting in my kitchen at home, to owning my own Salon, Training Academy and Lash/Beauty Product Supplies brand, its been a busy 10yrs, but I wouldnt change a thing! 

  • Lashings of Beauty & Training

  • The Beauty Training Group

  • Freckle Lashes & Events

Taking on Wax By B. is a fantastic new challenge for me, but I am confident that my passion and determination to continue the business reputation, will take Wax By B. to new levels.

Customer service is hugely important to me and I always work hard to provide the best service and products possible. I look forward to expanding the current product range, offering retail and wholesale opportunities to businesses across the UK and to become one of the most well known brands of Luxury Fragrance available on the market. Big dreams, I know, but without them, what are we aiming for!? 

Everything I do, revolves around creating a happy and stable life for my daughter. I want to show her that hard work pays off and that you ‘get out what you put in’. When little eyes are watching, it makes you even more determined to succeed.

All of our wax melts are hand-poured with love! We listen to what our customers want, so find our VIP page on Facebook to share your experiences and feedback with us. (Wax By B. VIP Chat - link at bottom of this page) 

We have worked hard to offer a range of Luxury scents to suit every vibe you want to create. And MEN – there are lots of scents that will suit you too! Just pop us a message if you need a little inspiration or guidance on fragrances.

Some scents pack a punch whilst others will subtly sweep through your home, and whilst our signature wax melts scents tell a story of their own, they are now ready to fill your home whilst you make memories that’ll last forever.


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I look forward to meeting you soon!

Tania x

Plymouth Entrepreneur
Wax Melt Shop Plymouth