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Wax Melt Burners - what to know

Not only are wax burners essential for your wax melts, but they also serve as a beautiful addition to your home. Whether you like classic styles, crisp white ceramics or more contemporary designs, we have a range of wax burners here at Wax By B that are guaranteed to be a bit of you!

How to use your wax melt burner

Wax burners are super easy to use. Simply place your wax melt into the bowl at the top, place a 4hr tealight in to the holding space at the bottom, and light it - being careful not to burn yourself! After about 15 minutes, the tealight will warm up the burner and start to melt the wax melt, flooding your home with whatever gorgeous scent you’ve chosen.

Its very important not to use a tealight that burns for more than 4hrs at a time. Slow burning tealights not only create a better scent throw for your melt, but they are safer to use within wax melt burners as avoid over heating the burner, due to exposed periods of heat.

Size Matters... right?

Yes! It actually does!

We work hard to retail high quality wax melt burners, to produce the best results with your Wax By B. fragrances.

Using wax melt burners that are too short, or poorly designed, can create problems with your wax melting properly. They can also cause smeeching of the tea light if they are too short, or do not have good ventilation, due to its poor design.

DONT grab a bargain!

Although it may be tempting to pick up a cheap burner from your local discount store, be aware that you may be at risk of experiencing problems if they are poorly designed, or created using low cost materials.

Always opt for a purchase from a reputable business, such as Wax By B.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite wax burners on offer here at Wax By B…

Sofia Wax Burner

A gorgeous round ceramic wax burner in a slightly more traditional shape. Sofia is luxurious and elegant and will fit seamlessly with any interior style.

Glass Wax Burner

If the traditional style isn’t for you, then our Cheetah Pearl melt burner is your go-to! This burner is popular for our customers who love quirky interiors, or alternatively- it would look amazing in an all-white room as a real centrepiece.

Hanging Wax Burner

This is an unusual and eye catching burner that is sure to turn heads. With its unique design, it will most definitely become a focal point in your home. Available in White or Platinum with black frame.

Important safety notice

Once the tea light is lit inside the melter, please handle it with care and only handle the base of the melter. The top of the vessel can easily become extremely hot. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep away from pets, children and draughts to reduce the risk of injury or fire. Always place on a flat, heat resistant surface.

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