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  • Unleash the scent... instantly!

    Our 100ml Room Sprays are delicately crafted using the highest quality ingredients and strongest scents available. They offer an intense burst of fragrance with just a few sprays and provide you with a long lasting scent. These can be used in the home, workplace or even your car!

    Please note: Box will not come with bow - this is purely for advertising purposes.


    All of our products are CLP compliant and will come with the relevant labelling.

    Luxury Room Spray

    • Shake before each use.

      Turn the nozzle to 'open' to unlock

      Spray in to the centre of the room, away from eyes/face.


    • WARNING: Keep away from children and pets. Avoid spraying directly on to furniture and soft furnishings as product may stain. Do not spray near hard floors as the product can make the floor slippery.

      WARNING: May cause allergic skin reaction. Use gloves when handling. If skin irritation or reaction occurs, seek medical advice.

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